Monday, October 22, 2007

Wildlife Day in Bay Shore

(OK, so I took a couple of months off. Lots of stuff going on here.)

I got to the train station this morning. Half the place was marked off with yellow tape, and four cops were walking around looking for something. One of them pointed and said "There it is!" They all spread out to try and corner a rabid raccoon that was walking down the platform.

Then another cop car pulled up, giving them a force of five. (We have more cops than crime on Long Island.) Someone must've called for backup. With five cops against one slow-moving, sick animal, they eventually closed in and collared the perp.

Meanwhile, I was standing on the westbound platform, watching intently. I suddenly felt something on my wrist. I looked down, and it was a yellowjacket stinging me.

The train station: Better than any trip to the zoo!