Monday, September 11, 2006

Five years ago

I am on Redmond campus all day today, doing a ton of work, recording podcasts, and trying to find Steve. (Who didn't come to campus! WTH?)

This is also a significant day, because it's the first time I have not been in New York on 9/11 since the WTC attacks. I am used to wall-to-wall coverage and remembrances, but in Seattle today? Nothing. Not a single person mentioned it all day. People said that they forgot it was the anniversary. There was a little coverage on the news, but it was little enough to feel surreal to me. I was in Redmond in 2003 when the blackout hit NYC, and at that time EVERYONE wanted to talk to me and feel like they were part of the story.

But being Seattle, they did have one special way to handle their grief. There was a "9/11 Memorial Healing Drum Circle" in a local park at lunchtime. Sitting together like that, banging on some drums and smoking each other's peace pipes, it really brought me some closure. Made me feel whole again.

Healing drum circle. Are you people fucking kidding me?

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