Monday, February 5, 2007

Chow mein warning

I had a package of Nissin Chow Mein for lunch. Thai Peanut flavor, thanks for asking.

This isn't real chow mein. It's nothing but a tray of ramen noodles with three packets. One has peanut-crumb-flavored floor sweepings. One has "flavoring." One has a VO-5 hot oil treatment.

The directions on the shrink wrap are different from the directions on the peel-back lid.

The package says "plenty of vegetables" and shows a steaming noodle heap with sliced green onions and cilantro. None of those made an appearance in today's lunch. No sliced green onions. No cilantro. No plenty of vegetables.

I dutifully ate my "chow" "mein", then disposed the tray of properly. And now my office stinks of peanut-crumb-flavored floor sweepings. It's that typical indeterminate aroma that food manufacturers often call "Oriental flavoring," and it's wafting all over my 8x8 space. NISSIN CHOW MEIN REEKS.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for contributing to our trade deficit with the Far East, JOSH.

Anonymous said...

as far as 'ramen' goes, i thought the thai peanut (flavor) "chow mein" was pretty good. it had the right amount of spice, it was tangy, i could have used more crushed peanuts...but overall, compared to beef flavored or chicken flavored boring "top ramen", it was a step-up. my cubicle doesn't smell like my lunch....what kind of air-flow does your office get, anyway?