Wednesday, May 30, 2007

When stories collide: Dog edition

A mystery in Westchester.

Did Wild Coyote Snatch Vanessa Williams' Dog?

The pet Yorkie belonging to actress-singer Vanessa Williams is missing. Enzo disappeared from her Chappaqua yard Monday, becoming the second pooch of a high-profile owner to go missing from northern Westchester since Mother's Day.

While Williams raised concerns that there's some sort of dognapping ring, Mount Pleasant Police Chief Louis Alagno suggested another theory: Coyotes are snatching the bite-size pets.

Never mind, we figured out what happened to Enzo.
LONDON - A British artist has eaten chunks of a Corgi dog, the breed favored by Queen Elizabeth II, live on radio to protest against the royal family's treatment of animals.

Mark McGowan, 37, said he ate "about three bites" of the dog meat, cooked with apples, onions and seasoning, to highlight what he called Prince Philip's mistreatment of a fox during a hunt by the Queen's husband in January.

"It was pretty disgusting," McGowan said of the meal, which he ate while appearing on a London radio station on Tuesday. Yoko Ono, another guest on the show, also tried the meat.


Anonymous said...

Josh, I like how you post infrequently, but just infrequently enough to have people check back to see if there's anything new. Kudos.

Joshua Trupin said...

Hey Peter!

Haven't heard much from you lately. Has anything happened since you declared your distaste for The Shins?

Oh, and there's something called an RSS feed. Try it!

rog said...

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rog said...

Hey, rog here again. Does anyone know where I left my boxer shorts last night? I hung them over my drum kit to dry out, and now they're gone and I really need them.

Cash reward!

metamerist said...

At this point, I only have one thing to say on the subject of dogs...

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...

The St. Berdoodle