Thursday, February 7, 2008

Charlotte Dentist

I flew down to Charlotte yesterday for a meeting. And you know how when you get off the plane in Hawaii, they put a lei around your neck? As we were landing, half of my front tooth broke off, probably as a way to give me that local look. ("NASCAR Mouth.")

It didn't hurt at all--it was a filling put over an old root canal a decade ago. But it was annoying, and sharp, and obvious, and NASCARry. I looked up the closest dentists I could find, and as luck would have it, I found one who had a 3 PM appointment open today.

So I got there, and... I spent an hour with a gay Haitian stranger in my mouth. I was curious and a bit scared, but he was very gentle with me. I was a bit uncomfortable when he told me to bite down at first, but he took it well. He really packed it around my root, too. Gave me an good, old-fashioned inlay. Fortunately, his injection didn't hurt too much. It was just a little prick. He saw me gagging, so he told me I could take a break and swallow halfway through. No, seriously he was really good. He filled my crack right up, and I was on my way.

(I'm looking for sponsorship for this barrage of gay dentist jokes. If you're interested, please drop me a line.)


David said...

You owe me a new keyboard. Oh and thanks for the ride.

The Viceroy said...

Thank you for not making it too pornographic and then having his link on my computer for my family to investigate and ponder.

Look at the bright side. You could be a Devils fan these days.

El Viceroyo

KJ said...

You make me sick.