Friday, October 28, 2005

Long Island Rail Road

Today's Newsday reports that the MTA has decided how to spend some of the surplus it gathered by raising my monthly train ticket from $200 to $267 in two years. They're going to give away free rides!
LIRR riders purchasing December monthly tickets will receive a free 10-trip pass good through the end of February that they can give away, but travel must be at off-peak times. Weekly ticket holders will get one free off-peak ticket. There are no daily discounts for LIRR riders.
So your "discount" is to give people who HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR UNLIMITED RIDES IN A MONTH a ticket good for free rides? Hey, that's so great! That really helps me and my monthly ticket out. Why not just give me an LIRR baseball cap turned upside-down and filled with crap?

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