Friday, December 1, 2006

Is that your cell bill in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I got my monthly paperless bill from Verizon Wireless today. Same as always, since I'm on a "ton of minutes and unlimited data" account. On 12/17, their auto-pay will take...$1423.13 OUT OF MY CHECKING ACCOUNT? WHAT THE NEVER-STOP-WORKING-FOR-YOU HELL IS GOING ON HERE?

Something's going on with the data plan. I just know it. So I open up the monthly billing PDF. They sent me a replacement phone on 11/8. My data plan is listed as:

PDA Unl National Access $20
10/29 - 11/8
$20.00 monthly access charge
Unlimited monthly kilobyte

PDA/Smartphone 10mb $24.99
11/9 - 11/28
$24.99 monthly access charge
10240 monthly kilobyte allowance
$.0050 per KB after allowance

So when they activated my new phone, they conveniently switched me from the $20 unlimited plan to the $25 plan where you get 10 MB and then get charged just $5/MB thereafter. To the tune of $1300 in November. Without telling me.

I called VZW. The woman opened up my bill and her first word was "Wow." She then continued, "I haven't seen a bill like THAT since we first did data charges and nobody knew the correct code to enter." I'm awaiting resolution, which will absolutely not involve a transfer of $1400 to Verizon Wireless a week before Christmas.

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