Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hurting our troops' morale

For years now, we've been hearing the same old screed: If you criticize Bush, look at the war effort, or question any tactics, you are hurting our troops' morale and aiding al-Qaeda.

You're serving in Iraq, on your fourth tour of duty. You were originally told that the whole thing would last maybe six months. There's no end in sight. Every time you go back, things seem right back where they were. You're not stupid - you read the news, and you know that we're grinding our wheels in Baghdad and around the country.

Which of these is going to hurt your morale the most?

  1. Laura Bush saying that no one suffers more than her and her husband over Iraq.
  2. President Bush saying that we're sending in troops to draw all terrorists to Iraq, using you as a human trap.
  3. Bush saying that he doesn't care much about Bin Laden's whereabouts.
  4. Endless predictions that the hostilities would be over in just a few more months.
  5. Rumsfeld shrugging when asked why the troops don't have the proper equipment.
  6. Being trained for combat and being used for rebuilding or schools and hospitals that just get bombed again
  7. Training Iraqi police that then take the weapons and perform sectarian violence.
  8. The Iraqi government taking a couple of months off this summer, while you swelter and fight for them.
  9. Eating spoiled food and drinking tainted water supplied by Halliburton to the troops.
  10. The damn liberal media reporting that casualties continue in Iraq and that we're not making much progress.
I don't know...those first nine seem like they would sap morale, but what do I know? It's almost surely #10.

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