Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wow, he DID walk

The commutation of Scooter Libby's sentence is, in my opinion, this is an impeachable act. Bush has subverted justice because the person in question was part of the conspiracy that involved not only the person convicted of obstructing the investigation into the conspiracy, but also much of the top levels of the Bush administration. In other words, they were able to put it all on a fall guy, and then spring him.

To make it clear, several members of the administration worked in concert to burn a covert agent out of spite. And the covert agent was working on intelligence regarding the Iranian nuclear program. When you remember the simple rule - anything conservatives accuse liberals of doing is something they're doing themselves - it puts all the "criticizing the war is treason" calls into a new light. This administration has committed treason by publicizing top secret information that damaged our national interests.


Solarbird said...

So that's impeachable offense number what, anyway?

Honestly. I've lost count. The corruption of this administration is endless.

Joshua Trupin said...

This one can actually be drawn in very stark terms.

1. There was a coordinated effort by the administration to reveal a covert agent's identity, which is an act of treason.

2. Bush commuted someone's sentence to prevent further questions and make sure no one went to jail.

3. Bush supports treasonous acts as president. This is impeachable.

I think that if we hammer away at the two points - treason and coordinated - it may sink in. Maybe I'll write to Pete King just to get a shrill note back.

Dara (solarbird) said...

I stole some of that for my latest "please impeach these bastards" letter.