Friday, July 4, 2003


It seems that the Montauk fireworks are going to be on the ocean side every year, which suits us fine – we get a good view from off our deck. I took the kids down to the beach to watch them, but some aholes from the Briney Breezes next door started shooting squibs over our heads and into the dunes. Then some other aholes started setting off Roman candles, enveloping us with smoke. Then a third set of aholes came tearing through on ATVs – hey, let your seven-year-old drive his own at night! Finally, the fourth gaggle of aholes went past us on the beach, jointing it up.

We headed back to the deck, Cordelia in tears and Julian grumpy. I stood guard above our lawn, making sure no one parked within ten feet of it or there’d be big trouble. The fireworks finally went off at about 9:20, and were pretty good for a third-rate show. There was a bunch of lingering fog and haze, which made the flashes look kind of cool – the sky would light up green for a second.

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