Thursday, July 10, 2003

Rocky Mountain High

I struggled my way into my normal seat on the 7:12 this morning. Most people were asleep or reading quietly. The guy in front of me was watching something on a portable DVD player. Normally when someone’s doing this, it’s a movie like The Matrix or Lord of the Rings or even A Clockwork Orange. Out of misplaced curiosity, I leaned forward to see what he was watching.

I mean, really. Who knew that there was a John Denver concert DVD? I’m guessing it must be some bootleg from Japan or some country where he’s popular. In any case, I just closed my eyes and took a nap. Unfortunately, that didn’t work too well either, for right about the time the train went through Hicksville, I heard a mumble in front of me. Yes, the guy was singing along to his John Denver DVD. Here I am, trying to get a nap for the long day ahead, and all I can hear is a faint rendition of “you fiiiiiill up my seeeeeenses.....” And unlike my normal trip in, where I can snag a two seater, Elbows McPoke was in the inside seat. All I can say is thank god I’m a country boy.

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