Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Corporate sandwich express

Okay, complaint time. Not about the fact that I never add entries in here, but about the dining in our building.

The E/V stop on 53d is actually relatively convenient to our offices. When I can't or won't walk, it presents a challenging staircase that's bracketed by two escalators. Invariably, the escalators are packed solid and no one's on the stairs. So I run up the stairs - it has to be about three stories, straight up. I get to the top, look around, and most of my fellow passengers are 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up. I puff my chest out proudly as I walk out, being careful not to let on that I not only can't inhale, but that I can taste blood. Instead of getting a bagel at Bakery, I might try the quaintly named E F Deli in the train station. We haven't had the heart to tell them that the F doesn't run there anymore.

It's about 85 degrees in my office. No one seems to know how to fix it. (The problem has a technical explanation: there's no "air flow" coming into my "office.") I bought a box of chocolate truffles at Trader Joe's, but all the perfect little dollops of chocolate are melting into each other now. I can't find a plastic spoon in my office anywhere, so I'm about to be reduced to scooping the globs out with my office toothbrush and eating them that way. Lord have mercy on my soul.

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