Monday, July 12, 2004

Gordon Lightfoot

Okay, I know I'm in Canada. When I turn the TV on, do the first two words that come out have to be "Gordon Lightfoot?" I mention this to a couple of Canadian friends, and their reaction is "Oh yes, I saw that. He's not looking well." Well, how would YOU look if your last thirty years had consisted of playing concerts and people shouting "EDMOOOOOOND FITZGEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRALD!!" the entire night, exhorting you to play your Top Of The Pops sea shanty about an obscure maritime incident? You've got other things to do, like playing that new ditty you've just penned about a horrific snowmobile accident near Whistler back in 1953. You've got a new album to sell to pay off your crippling Indian casino bills, dammit.

I have to admit that I like the money up here. The $5 bill is especially fetching. It was designed so that you'd always have something to do. When you get bored of Canada after 3 minutes, you can just turn the money over and watch a hockey game on it!

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