Saturday, July 10, 2004

Herb's Market

We've had several great weekends in Montauk in a row now. The weather had been beautiful: sunny, not terrible humidity, not too breezy. However, not all is well in this paradise-by-the-sea. In particular, I reference the sign behind the deli counter at Herb's Market.

Herb's sign presents, for the benefit of its staff, a fried chicken price chart. It starts innocuously enough: "4 pieces, $4.00." The next price point is "8 pieces, $8.00." Okay, I think, there's probably some sort of discount that kicks in when you buy fried chicken in bulk. But the chart continues unabated in multiples of four pieces: "12 pieces, $12.00," "16 pieces, $16.00," all the way up to "96 pieces, $96.00." Why? Someone explain to me the utility of this sign. Hey, I think I have the hang of this now. How about: "Chicken: $1/piece, 4 piece multiples please!" Or did they have seasonal help scrambling with a calculator to work out how much a 36-piece order would cost someone at $1/piece?

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