Thursday, September 22, 2005

JetBlue gets it

I am still amazed at the footage of the picture-perfect landing that flight made last night. They turned potential catastrophe into a huge positive for their airline. Everyone who saw that is now thinking, "Damn, I want THAT JETBLUE PILOT on every flight of mine from now on." They deserve it, too - it is a great airline, even if their snack box consists of a little packet of fake brie that you spread on an Oreo and top with a watermelon Life Saver.

Why did they leave the satellite coverage on during the emergency landing? "We still leave it up to our customers to make the appropriate decisions for themselves based on their feelings or those feelings or reactions customers around them may be having." This is the first airline in history that doesn't treat passengers like children. Once someone knows what's happening on the flight, there's no good that can come from shutting off their access to the news. People use Blackberries up there now; the cat's out of the barn door.


Blunderford said...

Good points, both. That pilot is amazing and letting the passengers see what the hell is happening to them is only fair considering millions of people on the ground know what is happening. Anything else is, as you point out, treating the passengers like children.

Jon said...

Like everyone else I was impressed by the landing, so I asked my brother what he thought (pilot). Here's what he said:

"Yeah...that was pretty spectacular footage. From the pilot's perspective, I doubt the guy in the cockpit was too terribly worried about the outcome.
There's a procedure for everything (including one named "nose wheel extended fails to center" or something similar), so all the pilots had to do was follow the checklist and land on the centerline. There's not much danger that the plane would zing off the side of the runway at normal touchdown speeds; however, I'd have expected the nosewheel to center once the weight of the aircraft was placed on it. I've always thought that if I had to have a major emergency, I hoped it would be a landing gear malfunction. Most of the time you walk away from those kinds of accidents!"