Tuesday, September 13, 2005

PDC keynote

I snuck up to the front of the keynote this morning with my press pass (a.k.a. "The red badge of courage"). BillG was "on" today, with good pacing and emoting. The PDC always features an actual humorous video demo, and this year Bill got to become part of Napoleon Dynamite.

After the keynote I started to walk over to the press room. Bill and his two handlers walked past me, towards an escalator. The security guard let the handlers through, and stopped Bill because he wasn't wearing a show pass. NO ONE GETS THROUGH.


Andrew Parsons said...

Excellent! I didn't realise he had trouble getting out/in... :)

Scott said...

If any of you Microsoft "insiders" know where I could get a copy of that Napoleon Dynamite spoof I would sure love to post it on my Napoleon Dynamite fan site! (www.NapoleonStuff.com) I was really bummed when I watched the keynote webcast and saw that they had blacked it out. If you have info please email me at coolstuff@NapoleonStuff.com


Peter Taylor said...

Josh isn't a Microsoft "Insider". He's in NY - he's an "outsider".

Jon said...

He's holed up in a building with a bunch of MSN sales folk. He's beyond an outsider. He's an outcast.