Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Your early morning crazy lady

One of the great things about suburban living is the occasional nutcase hanging out at the train station first thing in the morning. There was an older gal greeting commuters at the Bay Shore station at 7 AM this morning. She had half a tall-boy in a bag, and she was yelling at everyone, asking them to borrow a cigarette. No one replied to her. So she started shouting about how you don't put the cigarette on the ground because she has more pride than that. And don't you look at her, she's not even speaking to you. And she don't drink or smoke, she's a sex addict and she loves orgasms. Then she takes another slug of beer.

I stayed well down the platform - not for my own safety, since this type is usually harmless, but because I didn't want her to belch on me or something. She kept getting louder and louder, until a commuter held out his monthly pass and told her that she'd have to leave now. She protested, and he said "Move along NOW," flashing his pass again. She grumbled and walked away from the station.

Aaaah, the power of the monthly LIRR pass.

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