Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Say WA???

Washington State has a great new tourism slogan: "Say WA."

Now, other states are probably feeling left out right now, and with good reason. Nothing else will ever compare to a great slogan like Say WA. Still, here are some ideas for you states out there who are looking to spruce up your image.

"Arkansas: AR AR AR!"
"Nebraska: Ow, my NE!"
"Ohio: OH Yes!"
"Delaware: Simply DE Best!"
"Maine: Visit ME!"
"Pennsylvania: Who's Your PA?"
"Wyoming: Why Ask WY?"


dara said...

I heard about it on the radio a few days ago and thought it was a hallucination from the cold medication. Then it wasn't!

Anonymous said...

You forgot FLorida: Ask FL

Anonymous said...

...Maine actually did a "See ME" campaign... quite a few folks thought that "Say WA" was a ripoff of that one.

random passerby said...

Arizona: Just AZ You Like It
Indiana: You're IN luck!
Kansas: KS the cook
Alabama: AL be right out (if you say it w/ a drawl, it makes sense)
Hawaii: HI!