Thursday, August 10, 2006

Flying back to Newark

Yesterday was a great day.

Joe Lieberman lost his primary on Tuesday. I'll talk about why I've always disliked him at some point, but he lost! Amazing!

We flew back from Glasgow yesterday. Let's compare yesterday and today.

Yesterday: First in line at the ticket counter. First in line at security. 15 minutes from front door to gate at Glasgow Airport. Continental boarded the whole plane at once, and pulled back from the gate 10 minutes early.

Today: Eight hour waits as people have to toss water bottles out, lest they be filled with fruit flavoring. No one can carry anything on the plane. Everything cancelled as the world reacts to yet another probably overblown terror alert.

My first thought was how convenient it was that we got out of the UK a day ago. My second thought was how convenient it was that there was a terror alert the day after Lamont beat Lieberman.

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