Tuesday, August 1, 2006


Everyone's having a great time on Great Cumbrae. The kids have bonded as a group, and no one has mentioned TV or XBox or even PlayStation.

That said, there's nothing cooler than putting a starfish and a scallop in a pan together and watching them square off. The starfish slowly crawls towards the scallop. When it gets close enough, the scallop starts clapping its shell together to squirt away. Then the starfish starts after the scallop again. This goes on for, oh, a while. The scallop eventually gets tired, and the starfish grabs onto it. With three legs on one side, two on the other, it starts pulling. The scallop gives up after some point, relaxes its shell-holding-together muscle, and the starfish feasts on sweet, sweet scallop. Mmmmmmmm. I never knew that starfish were such nasty things.

It also turns out that you can grow a new starfish from one leg and a little bit of the center part. When you break a starfish in half, you get two starfish.

The best thing of all is that it's in the high 60s here, and it's over 100 degrees back home on Long Island. NYC is about 194 degrees. HA HA! I hope the dogs are OK, imagine what the city must reek like, and go back for some homemade shortbread.


Eric said...

Legend has it that back in Teddy Roosevelt-era Oyster Bay, the oystermen were distressed by the low harvest caused by marauding starfish. They decided to 'fix' the problem by pulling up all the starfish from the bay bed, tearing them in half, and tossing them back.

Joshua Trupin said...

They told us that same legend in Scotland, about Scottish fishermen!