Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rep. Peter King thinks dark-skinned citizens look like terrorists

Man, I am so sick of Peter King. This time, our esteemed Congressman has popped onto Fox News and elsewhere, sayiing that we have to single out people who look different from him and give them a hard time. The covert racism of our nation's conservatives once again bubbles up. As per usual, I wrote to Newsday about it, and as usual, they published me! I am 5 for 5, not including the letter I sent to Marvin Kitman that discussed how great Richard Bey was.

The first letter in the group they published was a good lead-in to mine. Some twit from Seaford talked about how great it was that Rep. King was calling for racial profiling at the airport. My letter followed:
Rep. Peter King has the germ of a good idea when he suggests that we start ethnic profiling to single out people of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent for additional security checks. I applaud this stance, but I would extend it a step further.

Perhaps King would consider extending this proposed policy to all travelers whose ethnicity matches the alleged perpetrators of other recent acts of terror: Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Eric Rudolph, Gerry Adams, Colin Ferguson, Jose Padilla, and John Walker Lindh, to name a few. After all, summarily abridging one's rights based solely upon ethnicity is the key to defending a truly free society. King should be very proud of his contribution toward creating two classes of citizens in our country.

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@PiiJaay-Louisiana said...

Great article, with just the right touch of sarcasm. It's crazy how so much unbelievable crap comes out of some of these congressman's mouths when you first hear it, its disbelief, then WTF!, finally my favorite of all laughter at the sheer ignorance... It's a comedy, drama, and thriller all in one.