Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why I (heart) British Sea Power

From their newsletter:

These shows serve as advance heralds for the third BSP album - ‘Now That’s What I Call World War One Joy Division’ - which is scheduled for the Autumn.


Anonymous said...

I thought Oasis broke up! So they changed their name to British Sea Power then? Okay.

maxxo said...

oasis are nothing like british sea power. BSP transend mere pop anthems, they almost promote a way of life - before walking on with complete indifference. anyway i came to this blog randomly, and i love BSP, so i just had to leave my mark. Apologies.

Joshua Trupin said...

That Peter guy doesn't know his aorta from his ventricle.

British Sea Power is a group that I have not heard the likes of since the Boo Radleys. And their concerts are great too.