Thursday, December 22, 2005

Aaaah, media bias

Today on channel 5 (Fox), they keep running a graphic while reporting on your commuting options:


While it's nice of them to try and shape people's opinions on the blame for what's happening, most people in New York are on the side of the transit workers. Despite the best efforts of the tabloids to shriek up to Bloomberg on this one.

Of course, they weren't running big graphics three years ago when the MTA was revealed to have two sets of books. They shifted money from one year forward to the next, then claimed that they had a huge deficit so they could raise fares systemwide. This led to their billion dollar surplus today (or more - since we have no idea what their surprise finances will be next week). Why wasn't the Post calling for the crooks at the MTA to be tossed in jail back then, the way they are with Toussaint now?


Jon said...

I'm actually really surprised there haven't been public beatings of the strikers by the populace that's been forced - yes, FORCED - to walk in.....26 degree weather?

Bunch of pussies.

Jessica Trupin said...

I'm proud to say that I bitched out NPR for their terrible coverage yesterday and they sent me a sweet little email today:

Dear Listener,

Thanks for your letter.

This morning, Nancy Solomon spoke with strikers and Frank Langfitt reported on the position of the Transit Union.

You can hear both of these stories at our website,

Thanks for listening,

Morning Edition

Jon said...

So it's not just Josh. It runs in the siblings.


Jon said...