Thursday, December 8, 2005

Holiday Subway Haiku

The vagrant smoking
At the Bryant Park sub stop
Smells like rotting scrod

That Dora backpack
That little kid is holding
Likely stuffed with bombs


Peter Taylor said...

Seattle Holiday Haiku

Walking down Pine Street
I saw a dead homeless guy
Fresh on the sidewalk *

If only Bellevue
Square Mall would close all this month
We would be joyous

That Santa Claus rings
his bell and sneaks drinks from a
bottle in a bag

* author's note - this is true. I saw a very peaceful looking homeless man who had lain down in the street and expired.

Jessica Trupin said...

See? I can do a Seattle Haiku too.

teetotaling jew
feeds homeless kids for christmas
then drinks heavily

Joshua Trupin said...

Feed homeless kids
Clean up the Pine Street dead guy
Seattle, U.S.