Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Peter, a message for you


Carry on.


Jon said...

Vegetables are fertilized with the feces of animals which eat other animals. So, technically, Peter really isn't a vegetarian, is he?

Peter Taylor said...

Heifer whines could be human cries
Closer comes the screaming knife
This beautiful creature must die
This beautiful creature must die
A death for no reason
And death for no reason is murder

And the flesh you so fancifully fry
Is not succulent, tasty or kind
It’s death for no reason
And death for no reason is murder

And the calf that you carve with a smile
Is murder
And the turkey you festively slice
Is murder
Do you know how animals die ?

Kitchen aromas aren’t very homely
It’s not comforting, cheery or kind
It’s sizzling blood and the unholy stench
Of murder

It’s not natural, normal or kind
The flesh you so fancifully fry
The meat in your mouth
As you savour the flavour
Of murder

No, no, no, it’s murder
No, no, no, it’s murder
Oh ... and who hears when animals cry ?

Joshua Trupin said...

Just a quick fact check here. Roast beef is not only succulent, it's fuckin' tasty.

And you don't see people getting sick from eating meat. Isn't that right, Peter Taylor, Vegetarian? Or alternately, A Pert Gel or Anteater Ivy.

Jon said...

Vegetarians have to get flu shots to stay healthy.

Of course, when they snort the live virus, they get sick. Bad Vegetarian. Bad!

Joshua Trupin said...

The rest of us get our antibiotics the American way. At McDonald's!!! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Joshua Trupin said...

My stomach's crying
I ate some bad Christmas shit
My name is Peter

Peter Taylor said...

So many people
Making merry of my pain
This isn't xmas :(

Jon said...

I feel queasy.
Ass projects suffering now.
Prison inmate pain.

Joshua Trupin said...

Clogged up for five days
Those bad treats sure cleaned me out
Prunes help like Drano

Jessica Trupin said...

mad cow is just a rumor
it's not a tumor

Verification word: Leatmoaf