Sunday, July 9, 2006

Kiner's Korner

I don't know whether this is my memory going faulty or if someone else is wrong here. But let's see who else remembers this.

My memory: In 1981 or 1982, Mookie Wilson and Doug Flynn were on Kiner's Korner after a Mets game. It was a bright day out, and Flynn was still wearing lamp black under his eyes. Kiner asked Flynn to explain the lamp black to the viewers, and then after Doug was finished, Ralph said "Mookie doesn't need any."

However, another Mets fan has a slightly different recollection of the post-game show. This would put it in 1983, when Heep first played for the Mets:

Mookie Wilson and Danny Heep on the show after a sunny day game. Heep still has the eye black on his face. So Ralph says "Danny has that black stuff to cut down on glare. He's not trying to look like Mookie."
Man, I wish the Internets were around back then to settle this.

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