Friday, July 7, 2006

North Korea

1. Who gives a crap what they're doing?
2. Why is Bush now saying that if we had a working missile defense system, we could've stopped the North Korean missiles?

The North Korean missiles had about the same terror value as the bottle rocket that landed in my pool on July 4. We said that we had activated our missile defense system. The one that doesn't work. Their missiles were piss-poor. Now Bush is saying that we need to continue working on the Star Wars program. I wasn't aware that we had stopped it. I just thought that it kind of, you know, didn't work without rigged tests. But let's assume that it did work. Why would we waste millions of dollars every time North Korea tossed their damn M-80s in the air? We're supposed to be scared that they put together an off-the-shelf Estes rocket and launched it with a car battery.

We've spent $91 billion on Star Wars now. Nothing to show for it. But we could've used some of that money to find Bin Laden, or buy out A.Q. Khan before he sold nuclear secrets and supplies to North Korea, Iran, and Libya.

Actually, we were investigating Khan's money trail, but the CIA probe was shut down by Bush's NSA because it got too close to Saudi Arabia. So now North Korea has nukes, even if their rockets suck and we can't stop them.

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