Saturday, March 27, 2004

Just for fun, I used to see whether I could fly directly from JFK to Glasgow, Scotland. I knew that there were direct flights from Newark to Glasgow, but didn’t think that any carrier served GLA from JFK. Flightlookup dutifully poked around and found this super combination:

Continental 6925 JFK 12:00 noon – Detroit (DTW) 2:06 PM
Continental 3446 DTW 3:05 PM – EWR 4:49 PM (on a regional jet)
Continental 16 EWR 8:25 PM – GLA 8:00 AM
So if I fly from JFK to Detroit, then back to Newark, taking an additional 8½ hours, I’m able to avoid the drive to New Jersey. Now THAT’S an algorithm that makes sense!

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