Thursday, April 22, 2004

Artik batacak banka yok

Congratulations, LIRR! I am sitting in car 9612, and it is the first hot car of the summer! Here's to so many more.

Headline of the newspaper directly in front of me: "Artik batacak banka yok." I suspect that tomorrow's weather forecast will be Scorchio.

This is one of my rare ventures onto the Babylon line these days. Green Acres Mall has really spruced up. They have a Best Jewelry - and really, who could doubt the quality of baubles purchased in a converted PhotoMat booth? They also have a new restaurant, Bronx BBQ. And it's really true. If you've grown up in the NYC area, you can leave for years, but one thing's always missing. There's nowhere else you can find genuine, traditional Bronx-style barbecue. I still think back to my days growing up in Connecticut. Sure, it was fun going over to get some Bridgeport wings or some Danbury clam chowder, but it was a rare treat when mom would pack the 12 of us in the VW van and take us to Grand Concourse to get some of that real Bronx BBQ. We'd top it off with some down-home Mamaroneck cream pie on the way home.

Oh no! Evidently, the newspaper ahead of me is the only media outlet covering "Onur'a virĂ¼s engeli." That's right, the ONLY paper with the guts to cover this topic.

I should check out Mi-T-Fine Gifts & Collectibles in Massapequa Park. Maybe they'll have some of that shitty pudding my mom used to make when we ran out of dairy products.

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