Tuesday, April 6, 2004


This morning, I stepped onto one of the 48 elevators that serve the six
floors on our side of the office complex. Each elevator has an LCD screen in it,
provided by the Captivate Network. The name itself is their way of saying, "Ha
ha, there IS NO ESCAPE from our factoid blasts!" I suppose there could’ve been
worse names for this – the In Prism System or the We’re Not Opening The Elevator
Door Until You Stare At This List Of Today’s Celebrity Birthdays Network.

And this is the point I’m getting to. When your entire purpose in life is to
blurp up pointless factoids to people who have little choice but to see them for
40 seconds, at least make some effort to get these celebri-bits correct. Today,
I looked up and was informed that today’s birthdays include:

52 – Marilu Henner, member of ABBA

I was pretty sure that Marilu Henner was too busy in Taxi to have toured with the 70s super-pop group, so I googled up "Marilu Henner Abba." She wasn’t in ABBA. She wasn’t even in "Mamma Mia," the fabulous Broadway play. The closest thing to a connection was that they both appeared on Midnight Special at some point in the 1970s.

Confused, I wrote to our friends at the Captivate Network. Surprisingly enough, they replied to me in 12 minutes.

Hello Joshua,

Thank you for catching that and notifying us of the error. There was an Abba member on the birthday screen yesterday, and the description wasn't updated as it should have been. We're correcting the error on the network.

Thanks again,

Christine Danko
Senior Editor
Captivate Network

So bravo, Captivate Network! But my Tuesday Email Fun was just beginning. On Saturday (4/3), we got mail from a PR agency that represents Sollog, who is apparently some guy in a room in Baltimore who makes predictions about the future. This mail said:

We are less than 48 hours from when the GREAT QUAKE of 04.04.04 will occur.
Sollog warned on 11/11/03 that April 4th 2004 would be THE DATE OF THE GREAT QUAKE

Note the dates on the mail, okay? The Great Quake of 04-04-04. Not the Average Quake of 04-05-04. The GREAT QUAKE OF 04-04-04. This should be pretty easy to prove true or false, I thought, reveling in my non-believer’s misunderstanding of Sollog’s true gift.

April 3 passed. April 4 passed. I forgot all about the grave warnings of a quake. Then on April 6, I got a triumphal warning. The subject was “MAJOR QUAKE STRIKES WHEN SOLLOG WARNED.” The press release continued:

You received a QUAKE WARNING the other day through this Press Release

The quake struck in NE Afghanistan at 4:24:04 PM EST on 04/05/04

The TRIPLE FOUR appeared in the time of the quake using EST

The quake struck on THE FULL MOON of April 2004

Both of THESE FACTS where in the famous 1111 PROPHECY of Sollog that was
issued to usenet last year about the details of this quake


It was the first 6.5+ quake anywhere in the world since 2/21/04

The time had the TRIPLE FOUR in it using EST (all of Sollog's quake warnings use EST)

Okay, that’s mildly interesting. But then I looked back to the first QUAKE WARNING and it clearly stated that the quake was going to occur on 04/04/04. I did not know that all of Sollog’s warnings just happened to use Eastern Standard Time, but it would make sense because the world is controlled through a storefront in Jersey City. However, I felt it was important to warn Sollog that his original warning was not exactly accurate. (Leaving behind the fact that quakes are about as common as thunderstorms.) That’s right – couldn’t leave well enough alone. Poked
the rattler. Picked the scab. Made eye contact with the deranged wino. I wrote back a simple note:

This is incorrect. The warning that was issued was that the quake would strike on 04/04/04 - I have the press release. It did not. You're changing the terms of the prophecy after the fact.

The Voice of Sollog got back to me less than two hours later with a strongly worded correction. (It actually qualified as a “screed” because of ITS EXTENSIVE USE of CAPITALS to show that THIS WAS THE truTH.) The point was that Sollog was better than SCIENTISTS because HE was only ONE DAY off. And ALSO, he GETS PREDICTIONS WRONG on PURPOSE. Or SOMETHING.

-----Original Message-----

From: Press [mailto:press@adoni.us]

Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 7:37 PM


You need to do a little research before you make claims.

1. The 1111 Prophecy was released to Usenet on 11/11/03, this is a link
below archived by Google with that date


2. The prophecy states TRIPLE FOUR and FULL MOON of April 2004 are the KEY

3. The quake struck 1 day from the TRIPLE FOUR date of 04/04/04 on THE FULL MOON and at a time when the triple four was present

4. Sollog is known to use a few SIMPLE CODES in his prophecies that his fans have discussed all over the net, he INTENTIONALLY issues dates usually ONE DAY OFF and he puts KEY INFO in his prophecies in CAPITAL LETTERS. That being said, the prophecy was exactly as many of his past prophecies have been ONE DAY OFF from the date clearly given and the capital words FULL MOON gave the exact date which was 04/05/04

Now if you think being ONE DAY OFF (16 hours actually) is no big deal,

If you think Sollog isn't KNOW TO USE ONE DAY OFF EXACT DATES I can give you links to hundreds of posts where his many fans discuss THIS KNOW

If you think the fact that the quake struck at 04:24:04 PM EST is not big
deal, the exact time had THE TRIPLE FOUR in it, and it's a fact all the
Sollog quake warnings usually state an exact time and date using EST

Anyway, if you want links to verify these facts, I can supply them, or you
can stop by the Sollog forum where thousands of people visit everyday and
you can ask his many fans in the forum ARE THESE KNOWN SOLLOG CODES, there are many discussing these FACTS now at

That forum is ranked in the top 50K at Alexa


Do you deny his Xmas 2003 Prophecy stated MANY TO DIE IN QUAKE?

Here's a TIME STAMPED prophecy about the Xmas 2003 quake that killed 50K in Bam Iran, the prophecy was released 9 days before it hit


Do you deny the FBI harassed our offices after 911 since Sollog gave a clear WARNING about DC and tragedy on 911 three years to the exact date of the event?

Here's a TIME STAMPED WARNING about 911 that was issued on 9/11/98 three
years to the day of 911


Do you deny that both the Madrid Massacre and the Bali Bombing both occurred on dates connected to 113 that Sollog gave in this TIME STAMPED WARNING about terrorism and certain dates with 113 in them


So before you say stupid stuff about something being changed GET THE FACTS

The warning was based on the 11/11/03 issued PROPHECY, it gave an exact date that was 16 hours from when a rare quake struck

If you don't think 6.6+ quakes are rare, then you need to do some research, there have been no quakes anywhere in the world that large since 2/21/04

Here's a list from the USGS to backup my claims, NOT ONE QUAKE 6.5+ since
February 22nd this year


What backs up your claims we changed something?


You failed to search the 1111 Prophecy it was issued last year and it pointed to the event that occurred

Anyway WE WARNED YOU that Sollog issued a quake warning about THE TRIPLE FOUR

It was based on the 1111 Prophecy


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