Saturday, April 17, 2004

Boston vs. Montreal vs. The Head

In order to slake my need for more playoff hockey, I turned on the Boston-Montreal game tonight, thankfully fed into my home via CBC instead of ESPN. Montreal pulled out a close one, but they had a special assist from the crowd. Every time the play came down towards the Montreal goal, a gigantic woman's head silhouette popped up. The Head made some amazing saves in the third period, all caught by the CBC cameras. The Head didn't pop up at center ice, no. It was squarely positioned in front of the goal. Glean Healy kept saying "file that save away in memory!" But no one at home saw Theodore's save! The viewing audience's "memory" of the save consisted of Aunt Bea's huge hair bun bouncing up and deflecting the puck into the corner. The only thing that would've made it worse would be to have the play obscured by the silhouette of two Thundersticks slapping together.

Now I'm planning big things for all the money I saved tonight because there was no Game 6 of the Islanders series. I think I've settled on buying a steak dinner and a pair of slacks.

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