Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Great comedy scene - the government is arguing in favor of keeping prisoners at Guantanamo forever. Here, let me clip out my favorite passage from the Times article.

...Solicitor General Theodore B. Olson's opening declaration, "The United States is at war," appeared to rankle rather than persuade the skeptical justices. "Supposing the war had ended," Justice John Paul Stevens asked Mr. Olson. "Could you continue to detain these people in Guantánamo, and would there then be jurisdiction?"

Mr. Olson replied, "We believe that there would not be jurisdiction."

Justice Stevens then asked, "So the existence of the war is really irrelevant to the legal issue, is it not?"

Given the way the Bush Administration handles situations like this, I'm surprised that Olson didn't reply "How can you argue with me on this? My wife died on 9/11."

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