Tuesday, July 12, 2005

17 questions about Plamegate

This is kind of fun, no?

What exact wording did Rove use when he talked to his reporter friends?

Was he aware of the law that said he couldn't divulge names, and if so did he try to sneak around it on a technicality?

What has Rove said to others in the White House, and does it make any of them accomplices?

Who was the second administration source that both Novak and Cooper have alluded to?

When was the White House made aware of Novak's column? Was it on the 11th or the 14th?

Has the White House provided full phone logs as requested by the grand jury?

How was John Bolton involved in providing confidential information about Plame?

Who was responsible for planting Gannon/Guckert, who was evidently there to provide fake press corroboration that everyone already knew Plame?

What role did Judith Miller play in this - did she actually spread the info to other reporters and the administration?

Did Miller get it from Ahmad Chalabi, and if so, where did he get it from?

Who is Miller actually employed by?

Will Rove be able to use his "I didn't inhale" defense now that he's been caught out lying?

Will Bush pretend that he didn't say that he'd fire the leakers, now that Rove has admitted to leaking?

If Aldrich Ames is serving a life sentence for leaking classified info during peacetime, what should the leaker's punishment be for doing it during wartime?

Have Cheney and Rove feuded over this?

What steps did the president take to slow down the investigation?

What did Bush know, and when did he know it?

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