Thursday, July 7, 2005

Flypaper strategy

Looks like Kerry was right.

THE PRESIDENT: My opponent has a different view.
THE PRESIDENT: He says that fighting -- he says that fighting terrorists in the Middle East, America has -- quote -- "created terrorists where they did not exist." End quote.
THE PRESIDENT: This is his argument -- that terrorists are somehow less dangerous or fewer in number if America avoids provoking them.
THE PRESIDENT: But this represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the enemy. We are dealing with killers who have made the death of Americans the calling of their lives. If America were not fighting these killers west of Baghdad and in the mountains of Afghanistan and elsewhere, what does Senator Kerry think they would do? Would they be living productive lives of service and charity? (Laughter.) Would the terrorists who behead innocent people on camera just be quiet, peaceful citizens if we had not liberated Iraq?
THE PRESIDENT: We are fighting these terrorists with our military in Afghanistan and Iraq and beyond so we do not have to face them in the streets of our own cities. (Applause.)

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