Thursday, July 21, 2005

You're not supposed to ADMIT gouging

Scene at the convenience store at the Hunterspoint Ave. train station this afternoon. A woman is buying a bottle of Poland Spring water.

Owner: "A dollar ten."
Woman: "A dollar ten? This morning it was a dollar."
Owner: "It's a dollar in the mornings."

You know, this just has to be illegal. I don't know how or why, but when this poor woman spent the time to reach behind the Malta Kola and the expired Devil Dogs and the holographic poster of Carlos Beltran just to get her lukewarm bottle of Poland Spring, she has to pay an extra dime for the effort? I realize that this shop gets about 8 minutes of peak business a day due to its location, but can't they just charge $1.05 each way?

Then I got my Diet Coke. $1.35. Hmmm, wonder how much that would've cost just seven hours earlier.

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Anonymous said...

The extra dime was for the refrigeration used throughout the day to keep that bottle of water lukewarm. It's a service fee.