Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Cynicor Jumble

On the heels of our successful launch of Cynicor Sudoku, we're pleased to present Cynicor Jumble. The puzzle is fiendishly simple. Just figure out the anagrams on the left. Write them into the boxes on the right. Then use the letters in the red squares to create another anagram, which will be the answer to the Cynicor Jumble question below. Good luck! The first five winning entries are eligible to win a certificate for a free serving of onion rings at their nearest Ruth's Chris Steak House!

CHEEES c c c c c c
FUKCRE c c c c c c
c c c c c c c c
c c c c c c c
c c c c
PUDDEL c c c c c c

Cynicor Jumble question: This "where are they now" former star first gained fame as the lead singer of The Smiths. c c c c c c c c c


Mrs. David Feher said...

Sylvain Sylvain!

Lizard said...

Wait! Wait! I know! It's that guy who won't tour Canada because they club baby seals.

... Paul McCartney?

Peter Taylor said...

You know what you can do with your Ruth's Chris -

Now, what the hell does "Ruth's Chris" mean? Why does Chris belong to Ruth? Why is Chris a steak house? Why isn't a steak house a structure fashioned from meat?

- anyway.

Might I suggest a delightful game of 'ring toss' with those "Ruth's Chris Steakhouse" onion rings. You choose the target, buddy.

Mrs. David Feher said...

Chris is Ruth's cow, which you are eating.

Joshua Trupin said...

Funny story about Ruth's Chris. They had originally named it Cheeks Nightclub, but the real Cheeks sued them and they had to change the name to something catchier.