Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Cynicor Sudoku fever!

Cynicor, The Blog has caught Sudoku fever! Every day, we will bring you the world's most challenging number puzzles. Here, for your solving pleasure, is vol 1 num 1 of Cynicor Sudoku. Answers tomorrow!


Ed Murphy said...

Interesting fifth column you've got going there.

Free Sudoku puzzles said...

Here you can play sudoku for free : http://www.misterfast.com/uk/free-sudoku-puzzles.html

Joshua Trupin said...

You can play it here for free too. Why are you trying to steal my valuable traffic??

Rijk Willemse said...

I am addicted to Sudoku! I made an inventory of methods for solving even the most difficult Sudoku. Start with looking for duo's, it's an eye opener!
Check http://www.sudokuhints.nl/en/ for details.

Good luck!