Saturday, April 22, 2006

Nude sketch

As you may know, I have sought to supplement my photography skills by taking up freehand sketching. I have been taking some courses at night, and I am finally starting to become confident in my work. In class yesterday, I had the good fortune to sketch a beautiful nude model named Marlene. Since this is a nude sketch, I am linking to it instead of posting it directly. The results are here - I hope you enjoy this expression of the human form as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Jon said...

If there's grass on the field... on!

Peter Taylor said...

Is Mr. Trupin attempting to pay homage to such cubists as Picasso, or is he asking the viewer to condemn the movement as a pedantic and meaningless offshoot of impressionism? The viewer is offered a subtle clue as the linework clearly is evocative of early Jackson Pollock, yet, the jagged edges caused by the digital nature of the work bring us into the 21st century in which artists are no longer able to draw and instead rely on photoshop to hide their lack of talent. Whatever, the case may be, the raw intensity of Mr. Trupin's brash colors and open white spaces offer us a tantalizing view into the mind of a modern artistic genius.

francisco said...

The sketch is quite intense for most of us , I believe we are in front of a new classic. Thank you for sharing this, im in tears..