Sunday, April 2, 2006

Half my life ago

If you're not feeling depressed right now, here's something that'll help. It's easy! All you do is figure out exactly how old you are in days (Excel can help here). From that number, figure out the date exactly half your life ago. (For me, it's Sept 9, 1986.) Head over to Wikipedia, and see which song was #1 that week.

Half my life ago this week, "Venus" by Bananarama was the #1 song in the US. Now that's depressing.


Sara said...

I just tried to do it.

Far too confusing! Want to send me your spreadsheet?

metamerist said...

It's not that bad. It's not like Kiera Knightley hadn't been born yet.

Anonymous said...

um, yeah, that sounds really interesting but HOW does Excel help? can you just post the spreadsheet or formula or whatever?

Joshua Trupin said...

A better question may be how Excel hurts. Answer: it doesn't, unless it falls on you.

Just set A1 = today() and A2 = your birthdate. A3 then = A2+((A1-A2)/2).