Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Art of Food Photography

Today's exercise involves the Star Catering site.

1. Why is the photo unavailable for #19? Was it camera shy?
2. What's so special about #23?
3. What the HELL is in #34?
4. Is #47 a bread or a London broil?
5. When did "10oz" become an ingredient name for #7?
5. Back to the top now. Why is pesto pasta a special order? Why does it have to be ordered by Wednesday, and for which date? That Friday? The following Monday?
6. Damn, isn't that some nasty looking food? I mean, DAMN.


Solarbird said...

My big question is whether the photos in items 32 and 33 are supposed to be potato bugs or those lame alien rifles from Halo 2.

Joshua Trupin said...

And why are #5 thru 9 in some sort of protective film, when the others aren't? Are they in some sort of larval stage?

Peter Taylor said...

#34 looks like an accident scene photo. An accident scene involving a motorcycle. Where the motorcyclist wasn't wearing a helmet. On pavement.