Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"The pwethident thaid it wath OK to lie"

Back in 1999, we had a bunch of mainstream press coverage asking whether the Clinton impeachment has taught the nation's children that it's OK to lie "because the president does it."

Now it's 2005. When are we going to start seeing the same question asked about Bush and the Iraq war? When will we hear people start to give us the facile, bullshit lectures like "My 14 year old said that it was OK to lie because President Bush did, and what could I say? How could I explain to him that the very important man lied but it was wrong?" When will we be able to find some reassurance in a paragraph like this?

Although adults worry about the effect of the Iraq War scandal on the nation's children, 11- to 17-year-olds say President George W. Bush's behavior has not taught them it is OK to lie or break the law, according to a new CNN poll.

Or does flat-out lying about something as unimportant as a war not spin the right's moral compasses anymore?

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