Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Holiday Haiku, Part I

Radio City
Overwhelmed, senior buses
God, you folks are OLD

Fattest guy on earth
Blocking the subway doors now

7 Line gut cramps
Three stops left...two stops left...one...
Shit, stuck in tunnel


Laura said...

Stale pretzels roasting
While tourists gasp in awe at
Dull shit on Sixth Ave

Squad from Cherry Hill
First time they've seen a sidewalk
Stop, block, and savor

Next show is at three
So why not just stand around?
I am kidding. MOVE.

Matthew M. Pereira said...

Morning sweat; pastel bodies trundle down the stairs
A conductor lists back and forth in the doorway
The wall cries out with phantom ringing
If you see something, say something.

Step, beep, step, beep, step, beep
The platform below is oceans away
It’s 8:37 and the 8:38 is leaving the station
It’s all YOUR fault.

Crisp September air is hot and wet with summer.
Apollo's rays occlude the laptop screen.
The 8:56 (not for free-range commuters), thunders in
Backwards, at least I found a seat.

Beep, pop. A conference call commences.
With frosted coffee hands, employees hesitantly stagger in
The elevator takes forever.
I am late.

Joshua Trupin said...

That's, like, the worst haiku ever. 5-7-5, people!