Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Connections Q&A panel

I finally slept a bit late (8 AM), then struggled mightily to get awake. For some reason, it takes about six hours to pack everything to go, but I crammed it all into three bags, tossed it all in the car, and checked out. I also got to serve on the conference's Q&A panel. About ten of us sat up on stage, answering questions from the 200 or so punters in the crowd. Almost all the questions were SQL-related. I didn't answer any of them. However, I was watching the Yanks-Sox score, and when I relayed the final score (9-6 Boston) to Carl Franklin for announcement, just about the entire crowd let off a cheer. Face it, Yankees fans - everyone hates your team.

I had a great farewell dinner at Azur, an onsite restaurant that's part of the Le Bernardin empire. I then headed off for the Ontario Airport, another beautiful drive. Driving back through the windmill farm at night was an experience. You just see a few lights until you actually look over at the windmills. Then, you see a freaky strobe pattern that goes from tower to tower, like you're driving through the Matrix's proving grounds. The drive takes you through town after town, all surprisingly large. Why does Redlands need 63,000 people?

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