Thursday, October 30, 2003

Escape from L.A.

I was just sick of Los Angeles when I woke up, even though the smoke layer cleared a bit for the first time. I headed to LAX at 9 AM, hoping to bump myself up from the 3 PM flight I’d scheduled. There were sixty people on line at the check-out, so I did the right thing. I walked over to the nearly empty first-class line and said that I was sent over because the chattel line was too long. Quite the timesaver! They popped me onto the 10 AM flight without a change fee, and they upgraded me using the flight coupons in my account as well. Bingo! Business class, here I come.

I even set a new record for a cross-country flight. My previous mark was 75 new emails, but today I wrote 125. My inbox is officially clean! I had 65 new messages waiting when I got back in, though.

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