Friday, October 10, 2003

The Longest Day

Okay, I think I'm in under the wire with code after all. I deleted an unused control from a form and everything broke, until I realized that it was used for...well, nothing. But it was used. You ever have one of those controls?

I've got a grueling schedule the next two days. Tomorrow, Julian has a 7:30 AM hockey game. Then a 3:30 PM hockey game. Then Eddie Izzard is appearing in Manhattan at 8:00 PM. Then on Sunday, another hockey game at 7:00 AM in Great Neck. Then a noon flight to Anaheim, and a two hour drive from there to Palm Springs. ETA: 5:45 PM PDT. The schedule is also known as "the latest thing that Josh has found to whine about." Thanks to Microsoft's new travel policies, I'll be making that drive in a 1978 Fiat Strada with one wiper and a driver-side door that has to be held closed by looping the seat belt around the window roller-downer handle. Because it's $1.50 cheaper than Hertz.

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