Saturday, October 11, 2003

Through masterful trickery (pretending to be asleep in a chair), I skipped Julian's afternoon game. (The Rebels lost the morning game 6-4, despite a fast start.) However, I made it into the city to see Eddie. He was good and just OK.

I think that the second half of his show was definitely funnier. He did funny bits on horse whisperers, Edith Hamilton, and dentists. The first half was plagued by a technical problem - three punters in the next row kept emitting cackle-shriek-laughs at everything he said, even the lame stuff. After the intermission, they had sobered up nicely and were able to tone it down a bit for the big finale. "IT STINGS LIKE 400 BEES!"

Got home at about 11:45 PM. Time to wake up at 5 AM tomorrow morning!

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