Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Hoary cress

Fourpeat! Edina has managed to nudge open a closet sliding door and pudding up the slider tracks. I've just had it.

I also have the head cold that's been raging through the house. The symptoms are not being able to concentrate at work well enough to do anything but watch Alan Partridge videos online. The Cynicor empire is about to nail one of its biggest acquisitions yet. I'm in discussions with the guy who runs the Lee & Herring Fist of Fun site to help host some of their audio/visual archives of past shows. Now that BBC America and PBS have made many Britcoms popular here in the States, L&H is a good name to throw off and test us Yanks' Brit knowledge. No one here has heard of them, even though their show TMWRNJ was pretty amusing, if somewhat cress-oriented at times. 'Course, it's all hoary cress once I've finished with it. (They're 20% funnier because I'm the only American who has ever heard of them.)

Screw it, I'm just never going to get that presentation code working. Maybe I'll hide in the hot tub for an hour, breathing through a Krazy Straw until my session is over.

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