Sunday, October 5, 2003

I'm Alan Partridge

On the heels of a highly successful Saturday, Edina managed to funk up the office and bathroom a second time. The dewy morning light made clear the extent of the damage, as wisps of smoke highlighted the still smoldering piles of crap that were artfully hidden around the rooms.

Since there was no Squirts game today (outside of finding where Edina had left hers), I took the kids to the Islanders Open Practice and Funfest at the Coliseum. A lot of people showed up, buoyed by the team's 7-0-0 preseason record (no one else went undefeated) and the fact that it was free. I brought along my trusty camera, and got a lot of good player and Ice Girl photos. Peca Czerkawski Kvasha Martinek Niinimaa Scatchard Scatchard Yashin Team Icegirl Icegirl

In the afternoon, I belatedly discovered BitTorrent. What a great world we live in! BitTorrent is distributed file sharing software. One person seeds a file, and others start to download it. As more people download, the software distributes the load so that they download parts from each other. The more people getting a file, the faster the downloading goes. Yes, I suppose it can be used for copyrighted material. But on the other hand, I despaired of ever getting my hands on a copy of "I'm Still Alan Partridge" until I found it (and more) here. I don't believe in stealing, and I will certainly be purchasing a copy of the PAL video or DVD as soon as it becomes available. But it's available to me NOW, so I stole it.

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