Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Oh, almost forgot to mention this earlier. I picked up some butter at 7-Eleven. They didn't have any of the good kind, unsalted, so I had to go with salted. They also didn't have the good brands, Breakstone or Land O' Lakes, so I had to go with Hotel Bar. And I misread that - it turned out to be Motel Bar butter, which is a lot like regular Hotel Bar but with a low-tar cigarette concealed within each stick.


Peter Taylor said...

Don't forget the dead prostitute with a heroin needle sticking out of her arm carefully concealed in the middle of the buttery goodness.

Jon said...

Do you mean she was concealed in the buttery goodness, or that Josh extrated the bar of butter from *her* buttery goodness?

Either way, ick.