Friday, August 12, 2005

Edina, the poem

As one of Julian's summer assignments, he wrote a poem about Edina, our 11-year-old beagle. Normally I wouldn't republish it, but it was too well-done not to.


Old dog you are
just sitting there,
I thought beagles are
for hunting hare?
And yet there is a
certain look about you
that is so very fair.
Breathing heavily,
you are, as if you
have swallowed
several rocks,
But then; lo a burst of
stamina and you are
rivaling normal dogs
in your bi-weekly
You are hardly one
who is a center of
attention, but then
some pity and you are
a convention.
Cushing’s disease
pollutes your interior,
But it doesn’t make
any more inferior.
And to think through
all this…
we were going to get
a foxhound.

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